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Parenting Now's (PN) vision is that all children are raised by nurturing, skilled parents. We seek to strengthen families, decrease the potential for child abuse and neglect and help ensure that children enter school ready to learn. We develop evidence-based culturally inclusive parenting education curricula grounded in best practices and that include a social equity lens. We develop our programs with an extensive cultural review process to assure they are inclusive and appropriate to best serve the diverse families in parenting groups. Our approach helps families manage stress, prevent child abuse and neglect, and capitalize on their own strengths to fulfill their hopes and dreams for their children.

Our curricula comes from our more than 42 years of direct services for more than 110,000 parents and children in Lane County, Oregon. Our evidence- and research-based parenting programs bring together groups of parents to learn about positive parenting and child development from experienced professionals and to share their insights and experiences with others. We serve diverse groups of parents of newborns to 8 year olds -- single parents, working parents, low-income parents, parents experiencing higher than normal stress, Spanish-speaking Latinx parents, and pregnant and parenting young people aged 12-25.

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