We've Moved!

The Learning Center has moved!

Below you will find the latest news on our migration progress. If you are actively enrolled in one of our virtual trainings (e.g. The Growing Brain), you may access your course from your dashboard. 

Please note: the dashboard link will appear on the right side menu between home and Frequently asked questions once you have signed in.

Please make sure to view our FAQs below for any questions you may have during our migration.

Certification updates

The Growing Brain:

  • Certification for The Growing Brain is now available. Sign in and visit the certification section of your dashboard to enroll!
  • Active Provisional and Full certifications has been successfully moved. You may download and print your certificate by signing in and visiting the certification section of your dashboard. 
  • Trainers with lapsed full certifications may begin their renewal process by visiting the certification section of your dashboard.

Learner records

Your records may be incomplete. This may include active registrations to self-paced online courses and certificates for completed courses. We're still in the process of migrating our learning records. All records should be migrated by 1/31/2021.

If your records are still incomplete after 1/31/2021, contact us via email here. If you have completed a course with us and need a copy of your certificate before 01/31/2021, please contact us at learnsupport@zerotothree.org

last updated 1/15/2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help? 

Check out our frequently asked questions below for tips, tricks, and answers to our most popular queries.

General Questions

Q: Do I need to create a new account?


If you have never had an account on our Learning Center or on zerotothree.org, you will need to create an account. You can create one here

You will NOT need to create a new account if:
  • If you are coming from our old Learning Center. You will however, need to reset your password by clicking here.
  • If you currently have an account on zerotothree.org used for your ZERO TO THREE membership, the Bookstore or Member Connect.

Q: Who do I email if I have technical difficulties? When can I expect a response?

  • If you have questions about your certification, click here to contact the certification team.
  • If you have a technical question, click here to contact the tech team.

Please allow 1-2 business days for a member of our team to review and respond to your inquiry

Q: I have issues receiving emails from the system, how can I fix that?

All of our email communications will come from the email domain @zerotothree.org. To ensure you receive our communication, especially automated account information (e.g. password reset emails), please whitelist the domain @zerotothree.org in your email account.

These steps vary with every organization and email provider(e.g. gmail, yahoo). Please reach out to your IT team and/or email provider for specific steps for your account.

If you have whitelisted @zerotothree.org and have worked with your IT team and are still not receiving our communication, contact us at learnsupport@zerotothree.org.

Trainer Certification

Q: When will I be able to apply/renew my certification again?

Certification applications have been temporarily disabled while we complete our data migration. This is to ensure we accurately migrate records and avoid any duplicate applications. This page will be updated once applications are available again.

Q: My certification is expiring soon, but the new system isn't ready to take applications. What do I do?

Please email trainercertification@zerotothree.org to request an extension.

Q: I'm renewing my certification, what documents do I need to upload when I apply for renewal?

The documents required vary with each Trainer Certification Program.

You can view the documents required for Trainer Certificaion Program by downloading the Criteria Overview below:

Q: Do I need to upload all my documentation again?

  • If you've completed your application on the Learning Center, you will not need to upload your documentation again.
  • If you are starting a new application (or new renewal) you will have to upload your documentation using our new application process.

Q: How does the new system affect my certification?

It doesn't! If you currently hold an active certification with ZERO TO THREE, it will be transferred to the new system automatically.

Q: Will the new system be better? 

Yes! This new system will be easier to navigate and streamlined. You'll be able to see your certification progress and see exactly what you've completed, what you're missing, and next steps.

Q: Can I still recertify in the new system? Will it carry over my certification even if it has expired?

Yes, you can still recertify in our new system! Your expired certification will be carried over into the new system to allow you to apply for your renewal.

Online Courses

How long do I have to complete my self-paced course?

Our self-paced online courses typically have a 365 day completion deadline but may vary. Please view the course's overview tab for the specific completion deadline of the course.